Paint and Stencil Bargains

Norman was out at the DIY store yesterday, B&Q, and called me to say they had these paints for £1 a bottle (50 ml) and did I want to try them. Well who could pass up a bargain like that?

He brought me home 4 different effects and would have brought more but I had to stop him just in case they weren't much use. It says on the bottle than they can be used on most surfaces including fabric.

This morning I painted a piece of cotton with each of the four different effects. The photograph isn't too great as they are drying in my studio at the moment. Hopefully I will have better photographs when they dry. I want to wash them once they are dry just to ensure they stay on the fabric and don't wash out. There is nothing lost if they don't work as I can paint my boring plant pots to give them a new lease of life.

He also brought me back some stencils which were also £1, the smaller ones were 50p. You can't go wrong with stencils can you.

I completed another small piece that I may make into a cushion. The colour purple (reminds me of a movie) and butterfies - my favourite colour and butterflied my favourite motif together!