Gelli prints

These are my first experiments on paper using the Gelli plate.
The next two are my favourite prints.
I guess you can see that I'm into trees and cherry blossoms at the moment.
I find that the most difficult part is not to forget taking notes about which paint and medium I'm using. It's especially true when I get a nice texture effect I'd like to be able to reproduce.

The sakura quilt is still on my mind, but I got a bit carried away with all this monotype thing.
Next is a picture of the first Gelli prints I did on fabric.
I did many more prints on fabric using different kinds of acrylic and fabric paints. I'll try and take pictures tomorrow.

Searching for Roy G Biv

Here's my contribution to the Roy G Biv challenge initiated by Jennifer and Julie.
I had not heard about this challenge before today. I just discovered it this morning while reading Bridgette Guerzon Mills' blog.
There was no time left for a big search, but I found these pictures in my folders...
Mushrooms in the nearby woods

Back from the market, some day in June I guess

Two pictures taken in 2009, in the mountains North of Kyoto

たこ焼 (Takoyaki) lanterns, in Kyoto 

Next month colour will be Orange. I'll start looking for it tomorrow!

Hello 2014!

Here are some of the monotypes I did in the last days of 2013! Most of them were made on paper using a clear plastic folder as the printing plate. I also used a glass plate for a few of them.
The next two are my absolute favourites...

A few days ago, I got myself a gel printing plate, from Gelli Arts. So many possibilities,... and so much to learn. It works really well for printing on paper and fabric. I once tried to make a gelatine plate, but I didn't like it. Too messy, and anyway I don't use gelatine in cooking, so I didn't feel like using it for my art. Anyway, I spent several hours using the gelli plate and I had lots of fun. Pictures tomorrow, maybe.