Snoozing at the beach

As soon as I saw Deborah's colour scheme (Brown, sage, blue), I knew I wanted to do a beach quilt, and I also knew which pictures I would use as inspiration. I like the seaside very much, but here in winter it is so windy and cold that we don't go very often and I miss it.
I had to do several dyeing sessions before getting the soft shades I had in mind for this quilt. I then sewed a very simple beach view.
Next, I wanted to depict the seagrass growing in the sand dunes where I like to go and rest sometimes in the afternoon. I made a freezer paper stencil and printed the grass using oil paint sticks.

I found the marks were a bit weak. So the last step, after quilting, was to go over those marks with machine stitching.
Here are some close-ups...

I also wanted to add some hand embroidery, but I kept wondering if this quilt really needed anything more. So, after taking the photos (better safe than sorry), I added some tiny hand-stitched grass blades. But, really, I don't know if I'm going to leave them. (Pictures of this another day of the week, most probably.)
And now, I'm off to the Twelve by Twelve blog to see what the other Twelves have done with this color scheme.