Progress with Latte Quilt and New Work

I have completed Block 6 of the Latte Quilt. Actually I have made two of them. This is a lovely block . The flower hearts and baskets are stitched on water soluble and then appliqued to the background. This was a fun block to make.

I have been playing around with the Bernina circular tool on my new Bernina. This is the result. I am trying it on a bigger quilt but I need to practice a little more as it seems to be puckering a little too much for my liking. I have made some progress but I need to experiment a little bit more with stabilizer - I think that's the problem I am experiencing. Time will tell.

I am having a day catching up on email etc. I have a new laptop and still have some software to install. Things take a little longer than normal but change is always a little challenging! I swithered about getting a Mac thing time around as Norman loves his but I decided to stick with Windows - Windows 7 this time. What a difference from Vista which was so slow - well that's an understatement.

Thanks for dropping by.