June EQ Kaleidoscope Lesson

Flowers in June
I don't know where the time went yesterday. I started playing with Andrea's June Kaleidoscope lesson and before I knew it, it was dinner time. Norman made dinner as he saw how engrossed I was using EQ - how lucky am I?

I haven't used the fussy cut tool since I bought EQ6 and even then I just spent a few minutes with it. Having worked through the June lesson I just couldn't stop playing with it. It's fantastic. The above design is one of many I have been playing with. If you would like a copy of the EQ6 project file just click on the design.

In the 30 years I have been using computers and various software both professional and those I have used for my hobbies I have never seen the level of support as that given by Electric Quilt. I have used every piece of quilting software but it's the support given by the wonderful people at EQ that make it, for me, the best. Nothing is too much for them. Since I bought EQ1 many years ago the support has just got better. I have no affilliation to EQ but as I was wokding with it again yesterday it struck me how lucky I was to have these lessons which help me, and my students, get the best out of this software.

As well as designing quilts, which is wonderful and gives me great ideas for projects I also use it for handouts for my students. If someone wants to try a new design idea I can just design it for them, if they don't have EQ or are new to it, and pass it on to them either as a project file or a print out. As a teacher it is a tool I would not be without. My thanks to all those at Electric Quilt who work so hard to bring us the wonderful lessons and ideas that help make working with EQ so good. It's very seldom you will see me endorse a product but I just felt I had to say publicly what I feel. Check out the Electric Quilt website which has recently had a makeover.

May Kaleidoscope Lesson in EQ6

I'm back from a nice break. No fibre art at all just relaxing and enjoying life. Just what's needed sometimes.

I am catching up on the Kaleidoscope lessons by Andrea at Electric Quilt. May was all about colour. I love playing with colour and so this was fun. We started with 5 versions of four different blocks, created a completely new colour palette from scratch and then coloured the blocks. I didn't follow Andrea's instructions to the letter but rather just played with colour. The results are above and if you want to play then you can click on the image and download my project file for EQ6. Better still go to the Electric Quilt website and follow along with Andrea's fabulous lessons HERE.

Now I am off to do June's lesson.