Happy New Year!

Bonne Année!


I've been obsessed with the colour pink, more precisely the colour of sakura. One of the ways to say pink in Japanese is to use "sakura colour" 桜色 (sakura iro).
I can see a sakura quilt in my near future. I still have lots of pink fabric, but I needed to dye some blue for the sky. I did a few small pieces, and two larger ones. That should be sufficient for the quilt I have in mind.
The colours are brighter in reality, but today is a pretty dull day and I can't get the colours right.

I also did a few monotypes, on paper. Pictures will be for another post.

More monotyping

The weather is still pretty mild for the season. We've had no strong frost yet. Which means some of the summer flowers are still blooming.
I did more monoprinting experiments. On fabric, and with acrylic paint. I added fabric medium to the paint this time. (New fabric paints are on my Christmas shopping list.)
I finished the fringe of my woven scarf. Better late than never...
And I sewed this little rosebud scrap quilt.
I now have 6 little scrap quilt tops ready for quilting. Nice little projects for the holiday season.
In January, I'd like to start working on larger quilts again.

This week

Here's the little mosaic of the week...
Still trying to use up my Twelve by Twelve Colorplay fabric scraps, I decided to make a small quilt with some rosebud prints left over from this pink 12x12 piece.
First, I had to overdye some of them in a nice turquoise colour. Then, I tried a few colour schemes on my design board. I settled for a turquoise, red, yellow and dark purple one. This will be the quilt project of next week.
I did a tiny bit of weaving too, as I still had a short warp on the loom. (Don't like to waste all that yarn...)
Next weaving project will be a white one I think.
I did some drawing and painting also.
Btw, do you know that Alisa Burke is offering a free online class these days, here? How nice of her!
Yesterday and today, I played with acrylic paints and monotype. On fabric and paper.
I like this one. It was made with fluid acrylics on an old piece of linen. I will do more of this next week too.
Now I still have to do a short writing exercise in Japanese, and the week will be wrapped up.

A New Addition to the Kitchen

I have a new addition to my kitchen, a Kitchenaid mixer:

do I need one, probably not, but I just couldn't resist it.  Too many colours to choose from but this one matches my tagine.  I am busy collecting new recipes to try out.  Perpermint Chocolate Cupcakes sounds a good place to start.  I am always a little apprehensive when I have a new toy so I shall be a little cautious.  (It took me months to pluck up the courage to use my food processor, silly me).


Already? Really?... Am I losing the blogging habit?
I'm afraid I am...
I still take pictures of my work though. I even had this little mosaic ready at the end of October, showing a little peek at my sketchbooks and some beautiful paintings of my GD...
I don't know where November went... I didn't get much studio time, but I managed to do two small quilt tops, one mixed media painting, and lots of sketching.
I also finished my colourful piece of weaving and started another one, although I try to be careful with this as my back pain might  be coming from there.
On the Japanese studies front, I finished the first unit of "Japanese for Busy People II", I know about 140 kanji (still a long way to go!), and I discovered the NHK News Web Easy, which is wonderful. :-)

And now, let's see if December can be a blogging month... Once a week maybe? What do you think?