The quilt top is ready.
Now I must decide how I am going to quilt it.
I think I would like to use more hand stitching than usual.

And here's a little tiny weaving that I made some time ago with paper yarns purchased in Osaka and Kyoto.

On the design wall

Another project on the design wall...
I can see some pagodas in this shibori fabric.
I think I've dyed those fabrics for one (or two?) of the 2012 Twelve by Twelve projects.
This is how it's looking now...
I've started putting the quilt top together.


Silent but not idle...
Here's a mosaic showing what I've been busy with...
I finished this small chartreuse quilt...
It's probably the last of my Colorplay scrap quilts.
Today I picked out these fabrics for another quilt, but except for the small chartreuse piece, they are not leftovers from the Colorplay series.
In other news, I started knitting a sweater with a beautiful new Katia yarn (it's the "Merino Effect" yarn).
I've put a new warp on my Louet loom, and I'm experimenting with point twill, and also using floating selvedges (and loving it!).
Last week, I did some book binding with a new great little tool, I spent as much time as possible outside, I played a lot with my GD, and of course I studied Japanese.

I've also been working on this quilt with the Japanese fabrics. I pieced a lot of blocks, but it suddenly got very boring, so I started adding smaller pieces. This is where I am now...
Do you see the two small textile pieces on the right side of the photo? These are Tambani embroideries that I bought at the Carrefour Européen du Patchwork in September. I want to use them for making two little bags.
You can read here about the Tambani Textiles project in South Africa.