Digital Photography

I have just started an online Digital photography course.  Week one was to use the camera just as it is with no enhancement in any software to take pictures in our garden.    These are the 5 photographs, we were allowed 5, that I submitted to Jessica, the tutor, for comment.

I have already learned so much from the course and am looking forward to the rest of the course.  Details of the course I am taking HERE.

Now I just have to learn about the changes Blogger has made to the uploading of photographs.

Oh! it worked just fine when I published the post.

Last year I wanted to spend time learning something new or at least adding to what I already knew - the Latte Quilt project was that for me.    Progress is being made and I have learned so much about the new machine and software.    

This year it seems it's digital photography.  I didn't plan on doing this it just happened.   I was checking out Jessica's blog, as I usually do, I read over her workshops, as I usually do, only this time I decided to take one.    The time must be right.    This should be an interesting journey.    

Turkey Red available as PDF

I have made the Turkey Red quilt design available as a PDF for those who don't have Electric Quilt.   Click HERE to view and download the file.   I used to use Googlepages to make my tutorials etc available to readers of my blog but they have changes it to Google Sites and I am finding my way around it.  I hope the link works for you. 

Tote Completed

I have finished making the tote. It has been great fun to make. I used Kaleidoscope Kreator for the four panels which I created from one of my own photographs. It's just like designing your own fabric - great fun.

Since I got my car it has been difficult for me to take my sewing machine to class. The boot isn't big enough to take my lovely fabric trolley! I have had to carry everything this past few weeks as I am teaching a get to know your sewing machine class. Norman saw this lovely trolley online and bought me one. The advantage of this is that it fold flat and can be re-assembled in a few seconds. The sewing machine doesn't fit in it, well the Bernina doesn't, but it sits nicely on top with all the cables and other stuff I have to take with me in the trolley itself.

I am off to pack the car as I am teaching class this afternoon.

The snow is still here although the roads and my drive have stayed clear.

Thank you for dropping by.