Searching for Roy G Biv - Orange

I know it's one day late, but here's my contribution to the Roy G Biv challenge.

Go have a look at Jennifer's blog to see the other contributions to the challenge.

And I can't resist adding one more photo...
Not exactly orange, but so cute... A beautiful painting my GD did a few days ago...

More trees

I did more gelli prints, on fabric and paper. I chose four of the fabric prints and pinned them on my design board. I thought that they would look good together on a dark "vieux rose" hand dyed fabric.
Not bad... but finally I like them better with very narrow medium blue strips between the blocks. (Oops... sorry for the bad photo!)
I prepared the quilt sandwich yesterday night.
I'm ready to start quilting now.
And I've got three other fabric prints that I plan to use for a second quilt.

Yesterday was a lovely and sunny day. So, I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of... trees...

In other news, I'm glad to report I finished the second unit of "Japanese for Busy People II" yesterday.