More snow

We had a little more snow this morning. It's still freezing but that shouldn't last very long anymore.

Here are some results of the snow dyeing experiments I did last week.
The colours are not very deep. I guess I didn't let the fabric cure long enough. Below are two pictures of the fabric before washing.
Except for the little red spots, I rather like these kind of  flower patterns.
The other results were disappointing.
I must admit that I was a little careless about the preparations. But that's ok, it was a nice experiment  and the fabrics will be printed or overdyed.
If you want to see really nice snow dyed fabrics, you should visit Julies' blog, here.  Btw, she is responsible for tempting me to do these experiments. Merci Julie!

About fabric printing, I plan to make another quilt with my "wagashi" leftovers.

Genki desu...

... which means I'm fine.

I spent most of yesterday in my studio and I'm glad to report that my loom is now ready for a new project.
I'll start weaving tomorrow.

Yesterday, I also managed to take a decent picture of this quilt...
I named it "Rose in Autumn II". Do you remember? I dyed the fabrics for my first Twelve by Twelve Colorplay quilt. Which makes me think that the Colorplay quilts are now Down Under, almost ready to start their 2013 tour.
And just one more picture of snow, quickly before it's gone.

I tried snow dyeing the other day. The results were not particularly exciting except for a few pieces which gave me ideas for other experiments. I'll post pictures in a few days.