Cloudy sky

November has been a little cloudy for me, not really dark, but not very sunny either. Between bouts of flu, tonsillitis, a dental extraction and a few other snags, I've not been very productive... I just managed to make two or three special gifts that I cannot show on the blog yet.
I also started sewing a new shirt...

Hopefully, December will be brighter.
We are expecting some cold weather and snow in the next days. I hope there will be some sunshine too...

Autumn Leaves

This is the quilt I made for the new Twelve by Twelve challenge. This time, the colour scheme was "rust with a blue green patina".
Rust made me think of autumn leaves. That's why I chose several of my leaves photos as the starting point for the quilt. Mainly a picture of a pond in Japan, where I really liked the way the leaves were floating on the water.
I had to do several dyeing sessions to get the colour shades I really wanted to have. I also collected many fallen leaves during my walks, to find the right shape for the three leaves.
I did all the stitching by machine except for the few detached chain stitches.
This was a pleasant challenge to work on, pretty stress-free, although I've only put the last stitches on this morning.
Here are three close-ups...

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