Quilting, and weaving

I'm ready to start working again on this almost forgotten rosebud quilt.

It has to be finished in about 6 weeks, as I entered it in a show. So now, I really need to get going. Actually I had already machine-quilted it following the seamlines.

I haven't done much in the studio lately, except cleaning up, and then sorting fabrics, threads and yarns, and magazines and pieces of paper, lots of stuff, too much stuff....

I also tested some cotton, linen and bamboo yarns on my little weaving loom.

Pretty basic weaving, and a bit wonky, I know. But very relaxing too. ;-)

I think I'm going to weave a little scarf, for me. I've already measured the warp yarns.

There will be lots of quilting and some weaving in the next weeks.

Festival of Quilts

I've been back from Birmingham for several days and my feet are slowly beginning to touch ground again after all that excitement!

Here I'm standing, between Helen and Diane, in front of the Twelve by Twelve exhibit...

Below are two pictures I took on Wednesday afternoon as we were hanging the quilts.

We had a great time sharing our quilts with lots and lots of people. Some of them were real fans and knew (almost!) everything about us. But of course many had never heard of the Twelve by Twelve adventure and we had to explain the whole thing from A to Z.

I didn't take many pictures during the show this year, but Diane has written a great post on the Twelve by Twelve blog, here, with more pictures and stories about the Festival.

Have a look also here, and here, and here... all nice people saying lovely things about the Twelve by Twelve exhibit. :-)

And now, I'm eager to go back to my studio. In the meantime, California poppies keep growing in my garden. Too bad my Orange 12x12 quilt is already finished. Reveal will be on September 1st. Stay tuned!

Busy Designing and Sewing

I have been bust doing some designing.   The following quilt is designed using Margaret Miller's Angleplay blocks in EQ7.

 The next design was inspired by a Morrocan tile.

I layered and am ready to quilt my latest quilt.   I must get it done soon.  

Meet the Tutor evening at Currie High School is 31 August from 7-9 pm.   I need to have all my class samples finished for then.  Busy, busy, busy.

Focus on orange

I'm still here... just have been busy, among other things, with this new obsession called orange... At first, I wanted to do something based on my pictures of California poppies. I tried several ideas but wasn't really happy with any of them.
So, finally, I gave up and decided to choose another source of inspiration. I went back to the drawing board and quickly found a more satisfying design.

I then started cutting, bonding fabric, stitching, quilting...
And I'm glad to say my orange piece is done. Now, I'm just waiting for the sky to clear up to be able to take some decent pictures of my quilt.
In the meantime, I've been cleaning up my studio, and also playing with another little weaving.

The colours are brighter in real life, but I can't take a better picture at the moment.
Where is our summer?