Rust results

Well as you can see I lost the design detail which I had taken the time to create. It's funny because when I was doing doing it I just knew I would. I am sure you have been there yourself. I just had to try it though - just in case I was wrong, which is always possible.

So...... whilst I was thinking the previous one wouldn't work I had an idea I thought might work. As you can see I created another design but with more white space.

Here it is having brewed for just a couple of hours.

Here is the final piece. I washed it yesterday evening. The first piece, which didn't work, I left for my usual 2/3 days to "brew". I thought I wouldn't leave this piece too long and as you can see it has worked well. There is still too much white for my liking so I am thinking I might tea dye it - that's the safe option.

Norman brought out a container of interesting pink fluid yesterday as I was chatting on about the first piece having too much rust on it. It was labelled "rust remover". He uses it to keep his work rust free whilst he is working. I wonder what effect that will have on my first piece? Should I try it? Let me know what you think.

I have a little BBQ which lies in the garden - currently used to house wasps I think. Anyway it's rusting beautifully, we don't use it since we have a bigger one now. I took a piece off it and wrapped fabric round it. As you can see it's rusting beautifully. It's not as warm here today so it may take a little longer to brew than yesterdays piece.
I added another layer to the screen printed piece I did the other day. It has dried out nicely. I think I may add just one more layer/colour to it with perhaps a different technique. The first layer was screen printed (simple method), the second layer was stencilled. I am not sure what technique to try for the third layer - maybe a lino print as I have a lovely piece of lino just begging to be cut.

......... and as for Module 5 (fifiquilter mentioned it in her comment the other day) .... I set it aside for a while and revisited it yesterday. It's almost ready for mailing.