Tote Completed

I have finished making the tote. It has been great fun to make. I used Kaleidoscope Kreator for the four panels which I created from one of my own photographs. It's just like designing your own fabric - great fun.

Since I got my car it has been difficult for me to take my sewing machine to class. The boot isn't big enough to take my lovely fabric trolley! I have had to carry everything this past few weeks as I am teaching a get to know your sewing machine class. Norman saw this lovely trolley online and bought me one. The advantage of this is that it fold flat and can be re-assembled in a few seconds. The sewing machine doesn't fit in it, well the Bernina doesn't, but it sits nicely on top with all the cables and other stuff I have to take with me in the trolley itself.

I am off to pack the car as I am teaching class this afternoon.

The snow is still here although the roads and my drive have stayed clear.

Thank you for dropping by.