Playing with EQ7 Kaleidoscope

I have been playing some more with EQ7.   The kaleidoscope option is brilliant.  You can make any block you like into a kaleidoscope with the touch of a button.    It's so simple you just get carried away - here are a few I did:

I have alternated the block I used to create the kaleidoscope block with the kaleidoscope block itself to let you see the difference.

Playing with EQ7

I have been busy playing around with the new EQ7.   I must say I am very impressed with it.  I have been playing with Kaleidoscope Kreator however EQ7 has something similar which is very cool indeed.

Here is a little project I have been working on :

I shall put the project file under the projects on the blog for those of you with EQ7.  Please note the EQ7 project files will not be backward compatible (you can't use them in EQ6).