Fabric book

Some time ago, I decided I would try and make a small fabric book from the leftovers of each 12x12 quilt in the Twelve by Twelve colorplay series. Each page would be about 7x7. Yesterday, I worked on the fourth page of the book, the purple and yellow one. And today, I did the lorikeet page.
J'ai décidé il y a un petit temps de réaliser un livre en tissu à partir des restes de chaque quilt 12x12 de la série Twelve by Twelve Colorplay. Chaque page du livre fera environ 18x18 cm. Hier, j'ai travaillé à la 4ème page du livre ("purple and yellow"). Et aujourd'hui, j'ai cousu la page "lorikeet".

Here are the five pages I made so far...
Voici les cinq pages que j'ai déjà faites...

and the related 12x12 quilts...
et les quilts 12x12 correspondants...

(a rather bad picture quickly taken this afternoon when it stopped raining for a few minutes.)
(la photo est plutôt mauvaise, je l'ai prise en vitesse cet après-midi pendant une éclaircie de quelques minutes.)
Tomorrow, I really want to start working on our new colour scheme.
Demain, je veux vraiment commencer à travailler à notre nouvelle palette.

Dead leaves

The colour scheme for the next Twelve by Twelve challenge is "Rusty". I have no precise idea yet of what I want to do, but it makes me think of leaves changing their colours in autumn.
The first two pictures were taken in Japan last month. I know that it was in summer and the colours are not right for this challenge but I just like them.
The next photo is older. It was taken in my garden some years ago.

Now this leaf is really rusty, isn't it?
Terri, who chose this new colour scheme, also specified that it should be "rust with a blue-green patina".

Japanese paper

The other day, I played with the washi paper I brought back from Kyoto. I started by making a few little books. I bought these sheets of paper at Suzuki Shofudo, a nice shop on Yanagi no-banba (close to Shijo and Karasuma dori).
Another lovely paper shop in the same neighbourhood is Kyukyodo, on Teramachi. Among other things, they sell beautiful stationary items and calligraphy supplies.
The indigo fabric pieces in the picture above are cotton shawls I found at the Chion-ji Temple craft market. They are from Wataya workshop in Himeji. The little white things on top are lace ribbons. They were cute and cheap and I just couldn't resist buying them.


Beautiful Arashiyama, North-West of Kyoto,
a bit touristy, maybe,
but sooo lovely...

A few bookmarks... and the book cover

Despite some family constraints, I finally managed to spend a few hours in the studio this week. But before starting on a new project, I have to clean up this mess...
Il y a quelque temps déjà, j'ai promis à une copine (Coucou Béa!) de recommencer à poster aussi en français. Alors voilà... En dépit de certaines contraintes familiales, j'ai réussi cette semaine à passer quelques heures dans mon atelier... Mais avant de me lancer dans un nouveau projet, il faut que je mette un peu d'ordre...

I first tried to use up the smaller leftovers and decided to make a few bookmarks.
J'ai d'abord essayé d'éliminer les plus petits restes en faisant quelques marque-pages.

I made three of them actually. Now I still have enough scraps to make a small fabric book page based on my "Summer in Japan" quilt. That will be for the weekend. This morning, I also made a few small books using the Japanese paper I bought in Kyoto. More about this in another post.
J'en ai fait trois. Maintenant, il me reste encore assez de tissu pour coudre une petite page textile basée sur mon quilt "Summer in Japan" pour mon livre en tissu. Ce sera pour ce week-end. Ce matin, j'ai aussi confectionné trois petits livres avec le papier japonais que j'ai acheté à Kyoto. Plus de détails dans un prochain post.

But first, I am really happy to be able to show you the cover of the future Twelve by Twelve book!
Mais avant cela, je suis très heureuse de pouvoir vous montrer la couverture du livre des Twelve by Twelve!

"Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge" will be published by Lark Books in March 2011.
"Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge" sera publié par Lark Books en mars prochain.