Even more snow

We had a lovely white Christmas. Actually, we were snowed in on Christmas Eve. DH did shovel the snow away from our driveway, just in case, but we stayed home. Today, the street still looks like a ski slope, a beginner's slope, but still, not really great for driving.
We had this very strange creature on our terrace for a few days...

Yesterday, its head fell down and it doesn't look as bizarre anymore.
I dyed more fabric for my "eggplant" Twelve by Twelve quilt. I also did some sketches but haven't started sewing yet.

This is the "rust" page I made some time ago for my fabric book.
This is the sixth one. The first five pages are here...

More snow

Yesterday was sunny again and we went sledging with little GD for the first time. That was fun.
Today, it is snowing and snowing. We've got a very nice layer now, and it's not over yet. It's very quiet outside, we hear no cars, no noise. I'll take more pictures of the snow tomorrow if it's sunny.
Last week, at last, I finished this WIP that had been sitting in my drawers for years. I had almost forgotten about it.

Tomorrow, I also hope to be able to do some fabric dyeing for the "eggplant" 12x12 quilt. I'm not that pleased with the colours I've got, especially the green.


... but surely, I am coming back to life.
Yesterday night, we had a lovely little snowstorm, and today it is nice and sunny. I went outside this afternoon and took many pictures in the garden.

The other day, while trying to organize my files, I picked a few photos as inspiration for the next 12x12 quilt. This is one of them...
I also picked fabrics and threads. Now I am going to sketch some ideas I've had.