Some news

Two weeks ago, after posting my 12x12 "Spice" quilt, I decided it was time to sew the next pages of my Colorplay-inspired fabric book.
I cleaned up the studio and sorted my hand-dyed fabrics. Then I started to work on the "Eggplant" page... Two weeks later, I'm a bit embarassed to say that my table is still in the same state...

In the meantime, I wasn't completely idle... I took care of my little GD for several days, and I sewed a few "useful" items for the home and for myself, but I didn't manage to find the energy to do any creative quilting. Anyway, yesterday, at last, I crawled back to the studio and selected some grey hand-dyed fabrics for the next Twelve by Twelve Colorplay challenge.
The same fabrics with a few chartreuse pieces...
Note to myself: I could also add a dash of pink!
I think I'm back. :-)