I'm quilting and quilting

I'm running late... I was sick this week and wasn't able to work as much as I would have liked.
But hopefully, I'll be ready for the next Twelve by Twelve reveal date. (It's Tuesday!).

A good mail day!

It's here, at last! :-))
The book is already available in the States and Down Under, and very soon in Europe too, I hope.
I'm off to the studio now. I only have a few days left to finish my Brown Sage and Blue 12x12 quilt.
But first, I can't resist linking to this and this. Thank you Erica and Rayna!

Busy days

I'm busy, and a little tired too. We are having cold grey days again. But look, spring is just around the corner...
I keep taking pictures often, thinking of my blog. Then I forget to post them!
This is a nice miso soup I had for lunch the other day. Miso, tofu, wakame, rice and vegetables... I'm pretending I'm in Japan. :-)

I've been working on my Twelve by Twelve quilt these last days...
The top is almost ready...
I've got a few other works in progress and my little studio is a real mess. I took pictures of it, but I'm not sure yet I'm going to post them here.
Did you have a look at the Lark Crafts blog? They have started a 12 days celebration of our Twelve by Twelve book. They are featuring interviews of the Twelves and there will also be a few book giveaways during that time. Don't miss this.

More fabrics

I now have enough fabric to start working on my "Brown, sage, blue" Twelve by Twelve piece. No excuse anymore.
I like this one. I'm not sure yet if I'll use it in this quilt, but it's on my design wall and the more I look at it, the more I like it.
Next is a piece of paper on which I've tried to see how my dye mixtures would behave. I used a blue and a brown that I didn't really know yet, and I wanted to see how they would react with the yellow and the black.

In other news, I am patiently (hum!) waiting for THE book to arrive. It's real and it's beautiful, and it's even very cute! Look over here! :-)

Of ducks and fabrics

I spotted these cute and very sociable ducks on my walk a few days ago...
Lots of interesting lines and textures in the next picture...
This week, I need to concentrate on the next Twelve by Twelve quilt (brown, sage, blue). These are the fabrics I've pulled out from my boxes yesterday...
As usual with these colorplay challenges, I'm not exactly happy with the fabrics I've got in my stash. I'm going to have another dyeing session tomorrow.

Brown, sage, blue...

It is the colour scheme that Deborah has chosen for the next Twelve by Twelve challenge.
The sky is blue, the sea is blue,

the beach grass is sage green,and the wet sand is brown. This is just perfect. I can see a landscape quilt in my near future. ;-)
Of course, the next step will be to dye some fabric...