A doll quilt and a new love

I've been sneezing and coughing and hibernating for almost two weeks now, but yesterday afternoon I decided it was enough and I needed to shake myself.
I picked some fabric scraps from my boxes and I quickly sewed a little doll quilt.
I am so in love with this sweet colour scheme that I had to take a picture of the tiny leftovers.
I have so much hand-dyed fabric left over from my Twelve by Twelve Colorplay projects that I really need to use it. And I like how I'm now using colours that I would never have thought of, like this light green for example.
While spending too much time on the sofa drinking hot tea and feeling just too tired for sewing, I suddenly felt the urge to do some crochet... (Don't ask me why.)
It's not really a new love, as I can't even remember who taught me how to crochet, I guess it was my mom or my grandma. Anyway, I made a small granny square blanket, and it was so much fun that I will do more.
This square didn't make it into the blanket...