Kyoto, Osaka and Saori weaving

Back to our Japan trip! On day 3, right after breakfast, we headed to Kiyomizu dera. It was still cold, almost freezing at night, and the sakura were just beginning their beautiful show...
The rest of the day was to be spent in Osaka. So, we hopped onto a JR train at Kyoto Station, we were joined by our Japanese friend at another station and we arrived together in busy Umeda.
Here's a picture of Osaka Station...
Now, one of the goals of the trip to Osaka was to visit the Saori weaving studio where our friend works.
Saori is a way of free-style hand weaving invented by Misao Jo, a Japanese lady born in 1913. In Saori weaving, there are almost no rules to follow. I think the main idea of Saori is that everyone has potential and creativity, and, if encouraged, has the ability to express oneself.
Saori weaving is done on Saori looms which have two treadles and are very easy to use. We had the privilege to have a look at the studio, talk to the weavers, and also meet Tetsuya Jo, Misao Jo's grandson.
Then, my friend asked me if I wanted to try weaving on one of the Saori looms of the studio...
Oh, this was so much fun. And I came back with my little piece of weaving. Too bad my suitcase was too small to bring back the loom too!
I urge you to visit the SaoriGlobal website to learn more about the Saori weaving program. (Be sure to click on all the little tabs at the top of the page.)

After the weaving studio, we still had time to visit Maruzen & Junkudo bookstore (gigantic!), and a craft shop, before ending the day in a nice little restaurant serving kushikatsu.
And finally, back to our ryokan in Kyoto, by train, and a short night sleep.

And on the quilting front, I am pleased to say that the top of my Map quilt is done. I "just" have to quilt it now. :-)