Lace Making Progress

 I have been busy working through the lace lessons in the Honiton Lace book.   The above is Lesson 3.  

This is Lesson 4.  I really enjoyed working through this exercise.

I just this morning finished Exercise 5.  This is Roseground which was really nice to do.  I noticed one mistake when it came off the pillow.  Too late to fix but I can watch I don't make the same mistake if I wokr this technique again.  Not really my colours but it is a change from blue/white/purple!

I am still busy teaching my patchwork and quilting classes and enjoying it as much as ever.   I am almost ready to start on my new class samples for the September session but will be focusing on my lace for a couple of weeks just to get a break. 

My Monday ladies are running a self help group for the next session and I am hoping to get along to at least some of their Monday afternoons.  

Life is good.