The Cheesemaker's House

I have just finished reading The Cheesemaker's House by Jane Cable.  Ms Cable is a new author to me but I was interested to read this her first book.  After the first two chapters I was drawn into the story.  I was hooked.  I couldn't put it down.  I liked the character of Alice Hart, who moved to the coutry after the breakdown of her marriage.  I was intrigued when she met Owen Maltby, a charmer and cafe owner who she seems to see in different places at the same time, strange.

The book is very well written so much so I really had a clear image in my mind of the main characters, Alice, Owen, Richard and Margaret.  Margaret sounded like a lovely lady who, like me, loves gardening but only had a small one of her own but helped to tend Alice's garden at the cottage.  There was an air of mystery about Owen from the beginning.  Stear clear of him I thought, but she didn't.  When Alice starts to renovate the barn next to her cottage the mystery deepens. Is that where the strange. crying is coming from?

I highly recommend that you read this book Jane is a wonderful story teller. I am sure like me you too will get hooked.  I looked forward to reading Jane's next book, I am sure there will be one.