FMQ Day 5

Today I started with feathers. I thought I would try the contemporary ones that Patsy teaches as the traditional ones are more uniform in design and I thought it might be better to start with contemporary ones!

I don't know about contemporary but my attempts are certainly different.

I am not sure if I am getting better with these or not but I shall keep practicing.

I must try and stop working myself into a corner. As you can see I really need to practice, practice, practice.

I changed DVDs and started working on Vines and Leaves. I love leaves. In fact I chose leaves for my City & Guilds research project and have interpreted them in every medium available. Free motion quilting them - well that's something else.
This was meant to be leaves with curlicues - more work on this one needed methinks.

I only had one quilt sandwich left so I popped in Patsy new DVD and tried this design.

I am off to make up some more quilt sandwiches as my time is limited tomorrow but if I have them ready and available I can practice when time permits.

I changed thread today to a Metler poly sheen.

Thanks for dropping by.