New Quilt - Progress

I have finalised my new quilt design in EQ6. I am calling it Circumnavigation. I was inspired to design this quilt after reading about 16 year old Mike Perham's round the world challenge. He is in the Canary Islands for repairs to the auto pilot but hopefully he will be on his way really soon.


Yesterday Norman and I had a trip out to Kaleidoscope Quilt shop in Mingavie and I bought the fabrics for the quilt. Now I can make a start. It will be a long time in the making but I will show my progress as I go along. It's a 50" x 50" wall hanging.

Now that my classes have finished until early January I am getting my Christmas shopping done and getting organised for Christmas.

It was a lovely day yesterday but today it is terribly cold and the roads outside my home is frozen. It's a good day to stay home in the warm and catch up on my favourite blogs and perhaps work on the quilt.