FMQ Day 7 - More feathers and a "heart"

This is a feather I stitched yesterday, I echoed inside as Patsy suggested. I wasn't too happy with it but I had little time to do any more.

I wanted to try some curvy feathers today and so I spent a little time drawing them out on paper to get the designs in my mind's eye. They were beginning to look good and so off I went to the sewing machine!
I thought I would let you see my set up. I have my little pile of quilt sandwiches. A pencil and a flexi curve ruler for drawing the "spine" of the feather. I love using these flexi curves and have a really nice long one which is great for borders. I have a couple of pairs of quilty gloves. One pair, which I cannot find, are made from a knitted fabric and I find them a little too stretchy. I bought these ones a little while ago, a couple of years in fact, when I attended a quilt teaching seminar in Bristol and found them on the Cotton Patch stand. They are cotton with little white dots on the palms/fingers and they fit nice and snuggly. I do like wearing these gloves. I will look out for the gloves DebH recommended.

I have a perspex extension table for the Bernina which helps a lot.

So of I went to the sewing machine having drawn my question mark curve. Oh! my oh! my I completely missed the curve! Not a good start to the day. (I show you each and every one of my samples I don't only show the best!!!) I was hoping to have another try at embellishing a feather but sadly this one wouldn't look good even if I had embellished it.

Undeterred I marked and stitched another one. Thank goodness, this one was better. I have embellished this one as per Patsy's idea. I rather like this one. I watched the DVD which included a feather heart and so I thought since this feather looked quite good I would have a go.

Oh! dear. Feel feel to laugh out loud - I did! I should have watched the DVD before I started, and perhaps I should have tried some pencil drawing but no I dived right in. I didn't even know where to go at the beginning but what the heck I thought I might as well finish it not expecting too much but the experience would be good. It's not so bad really is it? I will get better.

I am off to have some lunch and then I shall watch the DVD again and see how these feathered hearts are done. I will post my efforts tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by.