Trip Around the World

One of my new students came into class last week with a book showing a Trip Around the World quilt that she wanted to make. I have to say the instructions were more than a little convoluted and I was sure there was an easier way to make it. I was thinking bargello.

I made a trip around the world quilt in 1999 although because I used signature squares I didn't strip piece that particular quilt.

Virtual Quilt Around the World (1999)

This quilt was made as part of a Millenium challenge where I swapped 3 1/2" squares and a signature square with quilters from around the world. This was made from the remaining squares from the first quilt I made and all the signature squares as I wanted to preserve the signatures this quilt is not used.

I haven't found clear instructions for this technique and so I have set about writing some myself.

In order to properly teach the technique I have a large quilt in various stages of completion. One quarter of the finished quilt is shown above. I used 4" squares from fabrics from my stash and since I am currently working on my own design of the Circumnavigation quilt I thought I would keep the same theme of Mike Perhams challenge and so I used blues and greens in this Trip Around the World quilt.
I wanted to show my students the completed quilt design without having to make a second large quilt and so, using the same selection of fabrics in the same layout as the larger quilt I set about making a miniature version. The squares in this quilt are 1" (one inch). I just have to put borders on it, quilt and bind it. I started these on Sunday afternoon, they are just so quick and easy to make. I have half the full sized quilt complete, a quarter with the strips joined and ready for cutting with the final quarter still in strips. It should make for a nice little extra project for my students this term.