Bridget Riley

After reading the comment from Babs I was curious as to who Bridget Riley was. I googled her name and WOW! Here's a link to some images of Bridget Riley's work. I hadn't seen her work before but can now understand why Babs mentioned her. I have been drawn to work like Bridget's for many years, it keeps cropping up in my work. My very early City & Guilds work was very much based on designs like these.

Thank you Babs you have introduced me to an artist I wasn't aware of.

Here are some of my very early work :

None of these were easy to piece but I loved the challenge. My maths folder for C&G was full of these type of designs each one more challenging than the next.

I started piecing the work on my design wall. It seems to be going together very well, I have probably spoken too soon.