3 D Patchwork and Evolon Journal

I was looking through my studios for a journal because I wanted to record my adventures with my new sewing machine and software. I came across this journal that I made way back in 2007. I wrote an article for the second edition of Fibre and Stitch and this was one of the things I made for that article. I had forgotten all about it. It uses lots of different techniques. The cover is made from Evolon which has been painted, embossed and many other techniques as have the beads. The spine is made from Punchinella (sequin waste). I thoroughly enjoyed making it and will enjoy filling it with machine embroidery samples and my notes.
I have another two more weeks to teach my classes. We have had a busy term with lots of different techniques. I thought I would teach something a little different for the next couple of weeks three dimensional puzzle balls. I made this one this morning. I think the next one I make I will match the thread to the fabric. It is hand stitched and I thought I would use a grey thread but you can see it. It was fine before I filled it. This will certainly be something a little different for my students. I hope they enjoy it. I might have time to make another one using different shapes - we shall see.