Back from Birmingham

I am back home again. Norman and I spent a week in Birmingham. I was judging at the Festival of Quilts - and survived! If you were to believe everything you are told about judging such a show you would be forgiven for wondering if you would survive unscathed. Well, yes you can. Before going I wondered if I should perhaps train as though I were undertaking the London marathon. Since I walk 6 miles most days I was sure that would be enough "training".

It was great to meet some of my fellow students from the Judging course again and other fellow judges. It was a busy day with so many quilts to judge. I did start a little slowly but was gently prompted by my "angel" and I soon caught up. After lunch we had more quilts to judge. It was interesting, enjoyable and a lot of fun.

We went off to Oxford for a couple of days and spent a day wandering around Birmingham.

As someone who loves Morse we visited some of the places where the series was filmed which took us to places we had never visited before. We had a drink in the Turf Tavern, it was small and cosy. We also visited some of the colleges.

The Botanical gardens were lovely. Thankfully the weather was gorgeous and we had a lovely time.

Now it's time to get back into the studio. Will post pictures of work in progress later.