Quilting, and weaving

I'm ready to start working again on this almost forgotten rosebud quilt.

It has to be finished in about 6 weeks, as I entered it in a show. So now, I really need to get going. Actually I had already machine-quilted it following the seamlines.

I haven't done much in the studio lately, except cleaning up, and then sorting fabrics, threads and yarns, and magazines and pieces of paper, lots of stuff, too much stuff....

I also tested some cotton, linen and bamboo yarns on my little weaving loom.

Pretty basic weaving, and a bit wonky, I know. But very relaxing too. ;-)

I think I'm going to weave a little scarf, for me. I've already measured the warp yarns.

There will be lots of quilting and some weaving in the next weeks.