Some fabric printing

My inspiration pictures for my Mythology quilt are scattered all over the studio floor... I finally decided I had to print a few pieces of fabric.
I prepared two screens and some stencils, and I used textile paints for printing.
I also made a rough sketch of the quilt.
Some of the fabrics are already on my design wall. Hopefully I'll be able to start sewing tomorrow.

A sunny day

I took advantage of yesterday sunshine to dye fabric for my next Twelve by Twelve piece. The theme is "Mythology". I know more or less what I want to do, but I was missing some fabric.
I already had a little dyeing session a few days ago but I wasn't happy with the outcome. The colours were not deep enough. I think it was too cold inside and outside.

Yesterday was just fine and this time I'm quite pleased with the results...
Now, I just have to find some quiet time to sketch out my ideas and start sewing.

A few weeks ago, little GD did this little piece...

and I worked on my new shirt, using the Misti Liberty fabric that I bought last year in London.
I still have to sew the sleeves and find matching buttons. But first, I must concentrate on that Mythology quilt!

Of this and that

We had some really nice weather for a week or two. There was a lot to do in the garden, and I spent most of my time outside, mowing the lawn, weeding, and planting summer flowers...
and, from time to time, reading and sewing...
I got a little tired of all that pink fabric and I started to use more green and blue scraps.
I've got about 25 blocks like these. I need at least 10 more.
Now the weather is not as nice anymore. It's much too cold and windy to sew outside.
I'm back in the studio, working on my quilt and on a new shirt, and also thinking about the new Twelve by Twelve challenge: "Mythology". I have already selected a few inspirational pictures but I don't really know yet what I'm going to do for this theme.

And this makes me think that I still have lots of pictures to show you of my last trip to Japan.
This is Miyama, a small village in the mountains North of Kyoto...