This week

Here's the little mosaic of the week...
Still trying to use up my Twelve by Twelve Colorplay fabric scraps, I decided to make a small quilt with some rosebud prints left over from this pink 12x12 piece.
First, I had to overdye some of them in a nice turquoise colour. Then, I tried a few colour schemes on my design board. I settled for a turquoise, red, yellow and dark purple one. This will be the quilt project of next week.
I did a tiny bit of weaving too, as I still had a short warp on the loom. (Don't like to waste all that yarn...)
Next weaving project will be a white one I think.
I did some drawing and painting also.
Btw, do you know that Alisa Burke is offering a free online class these days, here? How nice of her!
Yesterday and today, I played with acrylic paints and monotype. On fabric and paper.
I like this one. It was made with fluid acrylics on an old piece of linen. I will do more of this next week too.
Now I still have to do a short writing exercise in Japanese, and the week will be wrapped up.