What am I learning new for 2013?

Well I decided to take an online crochet class with Ali. 

I tried many many moons ago to crochet and I never got past the chain, I could never do it!

Well I started my crochet class yesterday, watched two videos and here are the results:

 This was my first piece of double crochet.  So surprised I ever got it started.  Plenty of mistakes but I think it's ok for a first attempt.

 This morning I tried double crochet again and this is the result.  At least the edges are looking straight!

 Today's new lesson was trebles.  I thought I would start with a couple of rows of double crochet and then try the trebles.  I am still not sure what to do with the edges but I guess that will just take a bit more time to learn.

Had the kitchen floor to clean today whilst Norman is away running his train at the Easter running day.   It is a great time to catch up on house things.  With a bit of playing in between.

I am still working away on my lace making.  The latest sample is square tallies.  Well what a laugh they are. Not a square one in sight.   After some advice from the Facebook bobbin lace group I did manage to make one that was square.  

Onwards and upwards.

Exercise 7 - Gimps

Well this is Exercise 7.  I didn't have the correct weight of thread, or at least I might have in my stash but they are marked differently that I wasn't sure what to use.   I choose a DMC 80, the one I have been using with great success for the lace flowers,.  Didn't really work and I reallt didn't enjoy doing this piece.   I shall just move on and may revisit Ex7 at a later stage.  (Perhaps not).

I have just enroled in a Crochet class with Ali (followed her on twitter for a while).  I tried to crochet many moons ago and never did manage to make the chain to get started so I gave up.   Lacemaking was the something new to learn in 2012, which I started in September).   Crochet is the something to learn in 2013.  I thought I would get started before I have to start making samples for my quilting classes which start up again at the end of September.  

I checked my stash of knitting goodies and found two crochet hooks, a 9 and a 5.  Wrong size for the class and I don't have chunky yarn, I really don't like chunky yarns I like the finer things in life.  However Ali, the teacher, recommends chunky and so I shall have to go buy some and a new crochet hook.  Will get a 4mm and some double knitting yarn while I am there for future crochet - if I ever get past the beginning chain.    It is an online course, which I love, so I can go at my own pace ....... slowly taught through Coursecraft.net.  

I wonder when this snow will ever disappear as I am anxious to get my potatoes in.  Norman's asparagus has arrived and needs to be planted.   I am so glad we went and sorted out the allotment a few weeks ago when we have ONE lovely day.  At least it is all done and ready for when the weather gets warmer.

Thanks for dropping by.


Exercise 6 completed

This is a sample of Scandanavian holes.  This was a fun piece of lace to make.   I am now moving away from using the thicker Perle cotton No 5 to a much finer thread.   The samples are becoming a little more challenging I think.  This is a good thing.  

Just bought and installed EQ Stitch.  It looks very good and something which I always thought it would be good for EQ to do was to be able to design applique blocks and send them to the sewing machine to stitch out.  Now I can do that, well with a little more practice.  

Just waiting for the bread to do its first prove.  I am trying a bloomer from Paul Holywood's TV programme on bread making.   I make my own bread but normally use the bread machine.  I never did know how to knead the dough properly before.  Well having watched Paul's TV programme and watched for a second time this morning I am having a go.   Sent DH out to get some rye flour and will also try Paul's Ale and Rye bread which sounds lovely. 

Thanks for dropping by.

Grandma again!

My second granddaughter arrived a few days ago!
Her proud big sister made this beautiful drawing after seeing her for the first time.
The little one was a bit too early, but she's doing great. Mom and dad are fine too.
Grandma and grandpa think that she's as cute as her big sister.
And now to find the time to put those last stitches to the baby quilt!

Lace Making Progress

 I have been busy working through the lace lessons in the Honiton Lace book.   The above is Lesson 3.  

This is Lesson 4.  I really enjoyed working through this exercise.

I just this morning finished Exercise 5.  This is Roseground which was really nice to do.  I noticed one mistake when it came off the pillow.  Too late to fix but I can watch I don't make the same mistake if I wokr this technique again.  Not really my colours but it is a change from blue/white/purple!

I am still busy teaching my patchwork and quilting classes and enjoying it as much as ever.   I am almost ready to start on my new class samples for the September session but will be focusing on my lace for a couple of weeks just to get a break. 

My Monday ladies are running a self help group for the next session and I am hoping to get along to at least some of their Monday afternoons.  

Life is good.