Orange again

The fabric is dyed.
I tried a few splotches of dye mixtures on paper before throwing the fabric pieces in the dye baths because I was not really sure about the yellow I was using.

In the next photo, the fabric has been washed and rinsed by hand, and it's waiting for the washing machine to be free. (I wonder why I always decide to have a dyeing session when there is also a lot of laundry to do!)
Anyway, I think I now have enough orange fabric for my quilt.
But I am still looking for inspiration
in the garden...

and in my studio...
This is a little experiment I did some time ago using C June Barnes' book, "Stitching to Dye in Quilt Art".

Next is a tiny weaving... (the colours of the threads are a bit lighter in real)
And now, I am going to play on the computer with the poppies pictures.